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Tips for keeping your garage door and garage door opener working safely and efficiently and keeping your loved ones safe

Many of us use our garage door several times a day. You want to be sure that you perform regular maintenance and inspections on it for the safety of yourself and your family. A garage door can cause injury or death if not properly inspected and maintained. 

Review these steps with everyone in your household, including children. 

  • The garage door and opener are not toys. They can cause serious injury and death. Please encourage children to not play in or near the garage door. 

  • Never run under a moving garage door. 

  • Parents - do not allow children to handle garage door remotes or press the wall button. If handled improperly, damage can occur to your garage door and opener, or cause injury. 

  • Never drive under a moving garage door. Wait until it is completely stopped in the upright position. We have seen garage doors fall on cars and cause severe damage to the car and garage door.  

  • Have a professional, licensed, and insured garage door company perform an annual inspection and garage door tune up to make sure everything is in proper working order. 

  • Never attempt to replace garage door springs or parts yourself. Leave it to the pros. It's not worth jeopardizing your safety to save a few dollars. 

  • Keep all objects a minimum of 4' away from the garage door tracks and safety eyes. Safety eyes can be knocked out of alignment easily by something as simple as a trash can or bike brushing it. Objects can get caught in the track or cables and cause damage to your garage door.

  • A quick inspection before opening or closing your garage door can help prevent accidents from happening.