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Is your garage door annoyingly loud? Does the entire neighborhood know when you are coming or going? A noisy garage door can be bothersome for sure, especially if you have a room above or close by the garage. Here are some quick tips to quiet your garage door.

The most important thing is to make sure you have a licensed, well-trained, garage door company perform an annual inspection and tune-up. Regular maintenance of your garage door is inexpensive and can secure the safety and reliability of your garage door for years to come.

A garage door is a complex system made up of garage door pulleys, cables, hinges, rollers, and springs. These all can be responsible for making your garage door noisy. Some of them have simple solutions that can be easily fixed, while the more complex ones will require a professional. Here is a list of a few of the things that could be causing your problem.



 First, determine which type of garage door opener you have. It could be a screw, chain, or belt drive. The noisiest of these is typically the chain drive opener, though they have their own set of benefits. Chain drives are generally more affordable, durable, and suitable to various weather conditions. However, lubricating the chain occasionally is a necessity to reducing the noise that your garage door opener is making.

Lubricating your garage door and opener often is one way to reduce the noise. Screw drive openers are usually quieter than the chain drives, but after a few years of use, they can become just as noisy. Belt drives are the quietest and require the least amount of maintenance, for the most part.

This kind of noise can also occur when the gear and sprocket located inside the garage door opener are faulty. Repairs must be done after unplugging the unit, but is best left to a skilled and well-trained garage door technician.



Check your door to see if it's balanced. A garage door that is unbalanced can be noisy and after a while might stop functioning. There is a simple way of testing the stability of the door. You should pull the emergency release cord on your garage door opener to open and close the door manually. Try raising the door halfway before releasing it. If the door is stable, it will not move much, but if it is unbalanced, it will start to fall.



Another major cause of noisy garage doors is worn springs or bad hinges. If the problem is with the torsion springs that are found on the top of the door, you do not want to fix it on your own. Seeking help from a licensed professional with expertise in garage door repair is the best option in such instances. Oiling the garage door can be the solution to a hinge that may be making a squeaking noise. If the hinge is making a grinding noise, it might be an indication that it is time to replace the hinge.

There could be other causes for your noisy garage door. Bearings in the pulley or the roller might worn away and this can cause a loud ticking noise. The only solution is replacing the bearings, which again should be done by a trained professional. A grating noise can be due to the coils in the springs becoming bent. The coils will then rub against one another causing the noise. The solution would be replacing the springs.



A lot of garage doors have metal rollers. This is metal rubbing against a metal track, which can obviously create a loud noise. We recommend replacing the metal rollers with nylon rollers. They are a much quieter, lower maintenance, and an inexpensive fix to a loud garage door.


Following these suggestions along with regular maintenance of your garage door and opener will make it more durable, longer-lasting, quieter, and operating smoothly.


Author: G. Spottswood

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